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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tony Avery, who teaches English to foreigners to stand for "fascist" BNP

A MAN who teaches English as a foreign language is to stand as a Parliamentary candidate for the British National Party.

Tony Avery, who teaches English as a foreign language, is expected to stand as prospective parliamentary candidate for Enfield North and as councillor for Turkey Street.

According to the BNP website, Mr Avery has worked as a garage manager and "spent several years in Mayfair, looking after 300 company accounts, including many of London’s foreign embassies."
He says he has worked for 12 years for councils in London, although does not explain what his role was.
He said: "I trained as an ESOL teacher in 2005, but found it difficult to find community organisations willing to accept me. They preferred their own nationalities.

"I believe that today’s fashionable left-wing view of equality reeks of hypocrisy: treating certain ethnic groups
preferentially is a flawed philosophy, and can be divisive in itself."

He has also edited several videos for BNP TV.
The BNP, which restricted its membership to people of "Caucasian origin" until 2009, originally formed as a splinter group from the National Front.

It’s leader, Nick Griffin, appeared on BBC’s Question Time last year, when he insisted he was not a Nazi.
He defended being pictured with David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, which has carried out racist attacks across parts of America.

When asked why he had previously played down the Holocaust, he said: “I do not have a conviction for Holocaust denial.”
Tony Thake, of the Enfield Island Village Residents’ Association, which was built on the site of a former munitions factory, said: “I have no doubt that people believe the BNP is a racist organisation.

“This is a former industrial area where there have traditionally been a lot of working class. There are some generations whose fathers had good industrial jobs. You can convince people sometimes the reason they aren’t getting a house or job is all the fault of immigrants.
"About a quarter of people here are in social housing so they are much more likely to be targeted by the BNP. Some residents feel they have been in queues for long periods of time.

"But a lot of ethnic minorities have been here for many generations, so we’ve really moved on from dividing people – they are as British as anybody else.”
A snap poll of residents in Turkey Street, conducted by the Enfield Independent, showed that two were sympathetic to the idea of a cap on immigration and said they would therefore consider voting BNP, while six others were against to varying degrees.

Nick Lowles, editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, who is also a Chase Side resident, said: “Certainly the BNP are picking up a protest vote because people are fed up with the mainstream political parties. But it is a dangerous protest. The presentable face of the BNP is not the true face of the BNP. You just have to look at the leader Nick Griffin, who is a hardline fascist. What he says now about the Holocaust is that he can’t talk about it. Well you either believe the Holocaust happened or you don’t.

“The BNP divides communities, it is no answer to the problems people face.”
In response to the news, Unite Against Fascism North London is planning to hold stalls and leafleting campaigns in Enfield, with a public meeting on April 18 at an as yet undecided venue.

The final list of Parliamentary candidates will be announced on April 20.

Mr Avery could not be reached for comment.

Endfield Independant

New Leader Assails Far-Right Party’s Rise (Hungary)

The incoming prime minister, Viktor Orban, vowed Monday to defend Hungary from the ascent of a far-right party and its black-clad paramilitary branch, which have railed against the Roma community and called the capital “Jewdapest.” Mr. Orban, 46, the leader of Fidezs, the party that defeated the incumbent Socialists in first-round parliamentary elections on Sunday, said he was unhappy over the rise of the far-right party, Jobbik, which won 16.7 percent of the vote. “No radical party will be allowed to get rid of law and order in this country,” he said. “Democracy in this country is strong enough to defend itself.”

NY Times

Extremists cancel march commemorating Allied bombing

Czech rightist extremists have decided to cancel their planned march through the centre of Usti nad Labem to commemorate the April 1945 Allied bombing of the town, according to the information published at the webpage of Autonomous Nationalists.

They cancelled the march as the town centre was blocked by the group We Don't Want Neo-Nazis in Usti.
Usti police spokeswoman Veronika Hysplerova told CTK yesterday that rightist extremists' activities would be monitored and if they prepared any event, the police would be ready.
The far-right radicals organised a march through Usti last April.

At least 512 people died and hundreds of buildings were destroyed or damaged in the bombing of Usti, an industrial centre of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, by the U.S. airforce on April 17 and 19, 1945.
Extremists' opponents stressed that the march was to be held briefly before the anniversary of birthday of Adolf Hitler on April 20.
Last year the march of some 200 extremists was guarded by the police. They intervened against the leftist activists trying to thwart the march, which was also attended by neo-Nazis from Germany.

This time, the extremists' webpage only publishes an appeal that candles should be lit instead of the march.
A mass, commemorative meetings and cultural events will be held, and church bells are to ring on April 17 and 19, in the hours when bombs hit the town 65 years ago.

Prague Monitor


An Italian judge said he convicted three Google bosses of violating the privacy of an autistic teenager because the internet giant tried to profit from an online video of him being bullied.

Milan judge Oscar Magi said in his ruling he believed Google executives bore responsibility because the company intended to make a profit by selling advertising on the site where the footage was posted.

"In simple words, it is not the writing on the wall that constitutes a crime for the owner of the wall, but its commercial exploitation can," judge Magi wrote in the 111-page document, obtained by the Associated Press.
The three employees were given six-month suspended sentences in a criminal verdict that drew swift condemnation from defenders of internet freedom.
Google said it was studying the decision, "but as we said when the verdict was announced, this conviction attacks the very principles of freedom on which the internet is built", it added.

"If these principles are swept aside, then the web as we know it will cease to exist and many of the economic, social, political and technological benefits it brings could disappear. These are important points of principle, which is why we and our employees will vigorously appeal this decision."

Judge Magi said his decision should be interpreted as a requirement that internet service providers must screen the enormous amount of video that passed through their sites.
"But on the other hand, there also is no such thing as the endless prairie of the internet where everything is allowed and nothing can be banned," he wrote.
The trial, he said, should be read as an "important signal" that a danger zone is being reached for criminal responsibility for web masters.

"There is no doubt that the overwhelming speed of technical progress will allow, sooner or later, ever more stringent controls on uploaded data on the part of website managers," he said.

Daily Express

Jewish group praises Germany for its prosecution of Nazis

In its annual report on the international community's efforts to bring ex-Nazis to justice, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has awarded Germany the highest possible grade. This is the first time Berlin has earned an "A."
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which describes itself as a Jewish human rights group, has recognized Germany's increased effort to prosecute former Nazis by awarding it top marks in its annual report on the international effort to bring World War Two war criminals to justice.

"There's been a monumental and highly significant change in German prosecution policy," the center's head, Efraim Zuroff, told Deutsche Welle.
"German authorities and judges are taking a more proactive stance to investigating and prosecuting Nazi war criminals, and for this reason we are proud to award Berlin our highest mark," he said.

Zuroff singled out Germany's willingness to "prosecute non-Germans as well as Volksdeutsche - ethnic Germans - which for many decades was not the case." He also lauded Berlin's willingness to put non-officers on trial too.
Zuroff highlighted two examples that illustrate the change in German policy: the ongoing proceedings against John Demjankjuk - an 89-year-old Ukrainian national accused of being accessory to thousands of murders while a guard at the infamous Sobibor death camp in occupied Poland - and the conviction of Heinrich Boere, an SS officer sentenced last month to life in prison for murdering three Dutch citizens during World War Two.

'Complete failure'
Germany and the United States were the only countries to earn the top "A" grade from the Wiesenthal Center, while a number of countries were criticized in the report.
The center listed Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine along with Australia, Canada and Hungary as countries "whose efforts (or lack thereof) have resulted in complete failure during the period under review."

Zuroff said that no legal obstacles to the prosecution of suspected Nazi war criminals existed in those countries, but that there was a general "lack of political will" to carry out the process of bringing elderly suspects to justice.
The report said the most disappointing case was that of Sandor Kepiro, who was convicted by Hungary of helping to organize the murder of at least 1,200 civilians in Serbia in 1942. Kepiro has never been punished for his crime, although the Wiesenthal Center has located him in Budapest.

DU World

SA police investigate sex link to Terreblanche killing (South Africa)

South African police are investigating allegations of sexual assault prior to the killing of white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche.

A lawyer for one of the two accused men said Terreblanche tried to have sex with at least one of the defendants.
Mr Terreblanche's body was found on a bed with his trousers pulled down.
Police had initially said the killing was over a wage dispute, but are now exploring the possibility that the killing was an act of self-defence.

"We are not going to focus on one thing," said Musa Zondi of the Hawks, South Africa's elite criminal investigation unit, which has taken over the investigation.

"We will investigate all pertinent facts that have a bearing on the matter."

Gen Jan Mabula, head of the Hawks in North West province confirmed to South Africa's City Press newspaper that the suspects' clothes had been sent for forensic examinations.

Terreblanche was discovered at his farm in Ventersdorp on 3 April after having been beaten to death.

Two black farm workers have been charged with his murder.
Puna Moroko, the lawyer representing one of the accused men - 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu - told South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper the attack was triggered by a sexual assault.

"My instructions from my client are that there was some sodomy going on and it sparked the murder of Mr Terreblanche," he said.
The lawyer representing the other defendant - a 15-year-old boy who cannot be named - made no comment on the sodomy allegations.
Mr Moroko claimed the accused men were given large quantities of alcohol before Terreblanche allegedly tried to have sex with "one or both of them".

Terreblanche was leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), a white supremacist group, and believed firmly that whites and blacks should be kept apart.
AWB spokesperson Andre Visagie strongly dismissed the sexual assault allegations.

"The media must choose now whether they want to ­regard Terreblanche as a racist or as the rapist of a black youth," the City press newspaper quoted him as saying.

BBC News

BNP short of candidates to take Barking and Dagenham

The British National Party's hopes of seizing Barking and Dagenham council suffered a blow today after it emerged it is fielding only 34 candidates.

The far-Right party holds 12 seats and would need 14 more to take the council, but eight of the wards it is contesting are Labour strongholds. Until a few days ago it was confident it would have candidates standing in all 51 wards.
There are questions over several BNP hopefuls after it was reported they registered at “front addresses” to get round rules that candidates must live in the area.
Dagenham Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: “It's clear on the doorstep that local residents are turning away from the extreme politics of the BNP.
"The fact that they have really struggled to get local candidates to stand in the council elections, suggests the chances of them creating the political earthquake they said they would in the borough, are diminishing by the day.”

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